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Biological Waste Treatment Products:

A liquid product for maintenance of septic tank systems and elimination of organic buildup in pipes and drains. Apply monthly to maintain bacterial balance in the septic tank or in larger amounts as a "shock dosage" to create high bacterial levels in older, overtaxed, or neglected systems. It is formed from naturally occurring organisms. The blue/green liquid needs no mixing and is easily applied by pouring down drains or flushing thru a toilet. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable, and completely safe for the environment.
A liquid bacteria/enzyme formulation, for automatic injection into grease trap systems at restaurants and commercial/ industrial kitchens. The enzyme producing bacteria will digest the grease, oil, and other organic products that commonly build up in drains, pipes, and waste lines. Because DrainMaster is a biological digestant - not just an emulsifier - it is the most permanent way to treat blockages, buildup, and associated odors in drains, grease traps, and plumbing lines.
DrainMaster System
An automatic injection system that completely takes the worry and guesswork out of one of the biggest headaches in any commercial kitchen: Grease Waste. The system uses a simple, timed metering pump to inject the exact right daily dosage into the waste lines and grease trap, at the right time of day to provide maximum effectiveness. There is no water supply required and the entire unit runs on 110-volt AC power, or two 6-volt batteries.
A granular bacteria/enzyme formulation for manual treatment of problem drains, pipes, and grease traps. BIO-REM E-D contains several strains of enzyme-producing micro-organisms to effectively break down grease and the other forms of sewage that cause blockages, backups, and odors. The product is activated by water and pre-mixed or flushed into pipes with at least 2 cups of lukewarm water. It is not an emulsifier, the fast digestive action provides complete break down of solids into liquid form to keep drains and pipes free of grease and organic particles.
After Shock
AfterShock is a tan and white free-flowing powder that becomes active in liquid. When introduced into a soil absorption area, AfterShock will restore drainage by biologically digesting the solid material that normally clogs systems. The oxygen source will accelerate the bacterial activity for an extended period of time, promoting unusually fast growth, reproduction, and biological activity of the organisms.


Drainage and Septic Products:

12", 16", 20" & 24" Round Risers (Extensions)
Extend septic tanks to grade with these easy to install risers. Each riser provides a 6-12" rise. Simply stack as many as needed to reach the desired level. They interlock quickly with no special connectors. We stock 12", 16", 20" & 24" diameter models and can provide concrete adaptors to use 24" risers on a 36" opening. All risers & lids are molded of rugged, non-corrosive high-density polyethylene, with ribbed construction for extra strength. Heavy duty domed lids interlock & screw down with stainless steel screws. These risers allow easy service and inspection of tanks as well as easy access to correct problems during the winter months.
Sweet Air Filter
This canister type of filter uses activated carbon to filter septic odors and mounts to roof vents to eliminate odor problems. Filters come in two sizes to fit 3" and 4" vent pipes, and standard plumbing reducers will adapt them down to 1 ½ " or 2" vents. Mountain air currents and temperature inversions often cause unpleasant septic odors from bathroom vent pipes to drift down from the roof, not up away from the house as planned. These filters are easy to install and very effective at making yards and decks more pleasant.
Effluent Filters
Filter out solids entering the drain/leach field, prolonging the life of the field. Requires easy access to outlet pipe of tank thru either surface level lids or risers to within a few inches of surface in order to install, clean, and inspect filters.